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Kaori Shoto
Vital statistics
Position Heir to the Shoto Clan
Age 1,000 (looks 10)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 4'4"
Weight 75lbs

Kaori Shoto is the next in line to be head of the Shoto Clan and is the daughter of Isaya and Roku Shoto.

Kaori had a birth defect that causes her to grow at an extremely slow rate as she grows a year approximately every one hundred years.


Kaori is a very calm person and doesnt talk very much.

Kaori rarely gets upset over things and is very curious about anything she doesnt know about.

Kaori is not naturally a possessive person but gets upset when people take too much of Roku's attention away from her.


Isaya Shoto (Father)

Roku Shoto (Mother)

Vincent Shoto (Uncle- Deceased)

Akemi Shoto (Aunt- Deceased)

Amaya Shoto (Aunt- Deceased)

Kiyomi Shoto (Grand Mother- Deceased)

Okakura Shoto (Grand Father- Deceased)

Ilyusha Shoto (Ancestor- Deceased)

Ryota Shoto (Ancestor- Deceased)

Haruko Shoto (Ancestor- Deceased)

Makoto Shoto (Ancestor- Deceased)

Takumi Shoto (Ancestor- Deceased)

Akihiro Kuran (Ancestor- Deceased)

Akira Kuran (Distant Relative)

Rokuro Kuran (Distant Relative)

Kaname Kuran (Distant Relative)

Yuki Kuran (Distant Relative- Deceased)

Haruka Kuran (Distant Relative- Deceased)

Juri Kuran (Distant Relative- Deceased)

Rido Kuran (Distant Relative- Deceased)


Kaori is a small and somewhat frail girl who appears to be around ten years old. She has long blonde hair that falls to her hips and wears mostly dresses bought for her by Roku. The dress she usually wears is pink with white pokadots, it goes down a little bit past her knees, has frills along the bottom and bows on each of the dress straps.

Kaori has a birthmark of a star on her right shoulder blade.


Kaori was born in the woods not far from the Shirabuki Estate after the car Roku was being transported in crashed.