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Kasuka Touya

Kasuka is the younger cousin of Rima Touya and the next Heir to the Touya Family. He is the son of Ashido Touya and Acacia Shirabuki, which makes him half pureblood, half aristocrat. Kasuka is also a model for the same agency that Rima Touya, Akira Kuran and Senri Shiki model for.

Personal Information

Name: Kasuka Acacia Touya

Race: Aristocrat

Age: 15

Birthday: October 1st

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 105 lbs

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Occupation: Next head of Touya Clan, Model

Status: Alive

Debut: Chapter 17


Rima Touya (Cousin)

Ashido Touya (Father)

Acacia Shirabuki (Mother)

Shizuo Shirabuki (Cousin)


Kasuka appears to be a lean built 15 year old model with black hair which reaches halfway down his neck and light blue eyes. He usually wears a long sleeve black shirt and a black leather jacket with a white scarf.


Kasuka was born into and Touya and Shirabuki Clan's. But because he was half Pureblood half aristocrat he was cast out by the pureblood community. He was raised by his father Ashido Touya and spent a lot of time with his cousin and fellow model, Rima Touya.


Rima Touya

Kasuka and Rima are very close. They grew up together and started their modeling carreers together at the age of 13. They were both big fans of Senri's mother Midori Shiki. When they were young Kasuka and Rima would always sit together and watch movies that Midori starred in.

Akira Kuran

Kasuka first met Akira at the Vampire Soiree in Chapter 17. He was introduced to her by his father Ashido, who hoped that Akira would a take a liking to the young aristocrat. It isnt until Kasuka begins to model in the Japan Boys Collection that he actually begins to grow close to Akira.  And for a little while they modeled together.

Shizuo Shirabuki

Shizuo is Kasuka's best friend. They sing together in their band Artemis together and both play the guitar. Shizuo lives in the Touya estate with Kasuka and because of this they are almost always together. They are so close that they are like siblings.

Yusuke Toma

Suzaku Hanadagi


  • During the third part of the S Class Pureblood Kasuka is the leader of a band called Artemis.
  • Kasuka's birthday is the same as the creator of The Pureblood series.
  • Kasuka's characters design is based off of Shin's from Amnesia
  • Kasuka and Shizuo's names are based off of the brother's Kasuka and Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!!
  • Kasuka plays several instruments including; the guitar, the violin, the piano, the flute and the cello.