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Roku Shoto is one of the only remaining members of the Pureblooded Shoto Family and is the current head of the Shoto Clan.

Roku is the son of Okakura and Kiyomi Shoto, the younger brother of Amaya Shoto and the younger cousin of Vincent, Isaya and Akemi Shoto.

Roku once loved Akira deeply but after a large argument between the two of them they broke up and Roku focused all of his efforts on loving his older cousin Isaya.

Roku gave birth to his and Isaya's daughter Kaori Shoto when he was twenty two.

Personality Edit

Roku is usually very quiet. He can act territorial and rude but deep down Roku is a very kind and bashful person who is easily flustered and tends to be very forgetful.

Roku is very emotionally insecure and has a hard time trusting and loving other people and when the people he cares about get hurt he tends to blame himself for it, saying that it is his fault because he wasnt strong enough to protect them.

Family Edit

Isaya Shoto (Cousin)

Kaori Shoto (Daughter)

Vincent Shoto (Cousin- Deceased)

Akemi Shoto (Cousin- Deceased)

Amaya Shoto (Sister- Deceased)

Kiyomi Shoto (Mother- Deceased)

Okakura Shoto (Father- Deceased)

Ilyusha Shoto (Ancestor- Deceased)

Ryota Shoto (Ancestor- Deceased)

Haruko Shoto (Ancestor- Deceased)

Makoto Shoto (Ancestor- Deceased)

Takumi Shoto (Ancestor- Deceased)

Akihiro Kuran (Ancestor- Deceased)

Akira Kuran (Distant Relative)

Rokuro Kuran (Distant Relative)

Kaname Kuran (Distant Relative)

Yuki Kuran (Distant Relative- Deceased)

Haruka Kuran (Distant Relative- Deceased)

Juri Kuran (Distant Relative- Deceased)

Rido Kuran (Distant Relative- Deceased)

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