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A Relationship of the Past is the first Special in the Night Class Pureblood. Akira, Kaname, Rokuro and Senri are sent back into the past where they meet, and get to see what their parents were like when they were young.  

Part 1

During the first part Akira, Kaname, Rokuro and Senri all wake up to find that they are in a forest not far from the Kuran Family Manor. But something seems off. They all head to the Kuran Family Manor and come across a a field of flowers. This troubles them and they continue on to the manor. The moment that they enter the manor they all stop when they see a young Rido standing in the doorway to the kitchen. They then flee back to the meadow to contimplate what is going on. They are then surrounded by four Aristocrats and Rido asks them what they are doing there. fter coming up with an excuse that they are distant relatives who are visiting they are invited to the house where they all introduce themsleves to Rido. It isnt long after that, that Haruka and Juri return Haruka glares down Kaname who is sitting in his chair and Rokuro drags Kaname to the couch. They introduce themselves again and make an excuse saying that they are from Nikko. They then see Shizuka and after a little while of coversation Juri shows them all to their rooms.

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