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Vincent Shoto
Vincent Shoto
Vital statistics
Position Enemy of the Shoto Clan
Age 2,000+ Years (looks around 28)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'3"
Weight 134lbs

Vincent Shoto is the older brother of Isaya Shoto and the cousin of Roku Shoto. He is one of the only remaining members of the Shoto Clan and he was responsible for the death of both his and Isaya's parents and ten other purebloods from the Shirabuki, Toma and Hanadagi Clan's.

He was obsessed with his younger sister Akemi and hated Isaya for not wanting all of the attention that their little sister gave him.


Vincent is naturally a very deceitful person as he deceived not only Isaya but his parents as well regarding his true personality. Vincent is constantly lying to those around him and takes great joy in hurting those around him. He does not like being ordered around and is likely to kill anyone who tries to give him orders with the exception of Isaya whom he cannot kill due to how much Isaya looks like their little sister. 

Vincent is believe to be a sociopath due to the fact that he does not love anyone and does not feel bad for anything that he does. Vincent's hatred of Isaya has become a part of who he is and he spends a large amount of time deciding on how he wishes to hurt Isaya. He is also most likely a sadist as he seems to enjoy hurting and torturing those around them. 

Personal Information

Name: Vincent Shoto

Race: Pureblood

Age: over 2,000 years old

Birthday: May 26th

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 134 lbs

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Crystal Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Occupation: Heir to the Shoto Clan

Status: Alive

Weapons: Anti Vampire Dagger

Debut: Special; The Unknown Pureblood Part 1


Unnamed Parents

Isaya Shoto (Little Brother)

Akemi Shoto (Little Sister)

Roku Shoto (Younger Cousin)

Akira Kuran (Distant Relative)

Rokuro Kuran (Distant Relative)

Kaname Kuran (Distant Relative)

Yuki Kuran (Distant Relative)

Haruka Kuran (Distant Relative)

Juri Kuran (Distant Relative)

Rido Kuran (Distant Relative)


Vincent looks a lot like the first head of the Shoto Clan, Ilyusha Shoto. He has high angular cheek bones and long, light blonde, hair that falls past his shoulders. Vincent has very light, crystal, blue eyes much likes Roku's eyes but unlike his younger brother and cousin he has a larger build and isnt lean like they are. Vincent is usually seen wearing a long black coat with a high collar and a pin with the symbol of the Shoto Clan on it. What he wears beneath varies but he always carries an anti-vampire dagger with him.

Vincent usually keeps his hair down but when he is attending soiree's he ties his hair up in a high ponytail.